Welcome to the Party!

At Fairytales and Fireflies our goal is to have the best party experience that is unforgettable by all! We want to provide the princess in your home a memorable birthday she can share with her family and friends. Let us create a party that is sure to be one they will all look back on and talk about for years to come. Moms should enjoy their daughter’s party with as little stress as possible, adding to the joy of her day and yours.

Our mission is to encourage young girls to thrive and become strong women from within, to raise their confidence and self-esteem and to teach them that every dream is possible and begins with a vision. We strive to inspire young girls to pursue their dreams and never give up. Book Your Party Today!

Several party packages are offered as a choice for girls around the ages 3-16. The special princes in a girl’s life may come as well. While at the party, they will enjoy the prop photo booth to explore or a new hat to behold. Memories with friends are meant to be built and last a lifetime. Shared laughter with those we love binds the heart chords tighter.